Whose Report?

What is our source for the things we claim to be true about ourselves? We need to examine our source and make sure that buzzwords and psychology trends aren’t what we grab ahold of and allow them carry us away as if we are hanging onto the rope of a rising air balloon, taking us off to the unknown. Psychology is a marvelous tool for mental health and wellness but we need to be aware that it’s also a tool that the devil will readily use to steal the joy and confidence that we find in Jesus Christ.

There is a faith building song by Lauren Daigle called “I Believe.” It lists truths that God says about who we are. The song is helpful to encourage our faith and to redirect our thoughts on how God views us. The intention is to help us fight against the untrue things that have been whispered in our ear,

You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
And you say I am held when I am falling short
And when I don’t belong, oh You say I am Yours
And I believe 
What You say of me 
I believe.

As the saying goes, “The struggle is real.” The purpose of a struggle, however, is to fight against something. If we are to simply accept the negative things that we hear and read about ourselves, then we are no longer struggling – we have given up and given in. In these times it is good to keep the struggle alive.

Every unhealthy trait is not always a faith issue. Oftentimes the unhealthy thoughts and emotions that seem to have control over our lives are rooted in circumstances we are living with or have lived with in the past. It’s good to ask ourselves how much we have turned to God to heal these things and remove them from our lives. When we begin to live, think and function according to the things that control us, wise and Godly counsel may include therapy by a faith-filled psychologist or therapist, a counselor or Pastor.

When the world tells us that we own things like anxiety and fear, or that we are wounded, and victims; when our emotional state is easily triggered or even that we just “need to be alone” (which is an entirely other lie of the enemy, used to separate us from fellowship and healthy relationships), let’s take all of it into consideration and identify when and where we first claimed it as part of who we are. Does it have a legitimate foundation or something that has been normalized and made commonplace among people today, though social media and pop-psychology? Many emotional struggles are exploited and made to be “funny-but-relatable” so that we will begin to identify with the message and become so familiar that it becomes a new normal. This is an example of Psychology being used by satan to undermine our identity in Jesus. Watch out for the buzz words phrases that might have become a part of your language and identity where it never was before! Then think and pray very hard before claiming it to be a truth in your life. 

Maybe it’s time to enter the fight and begin the struggle again because accepting it and claiming it as who you are is not where you need to set up camp and live. If you have been professionally diagnosed with any mental health issue, it can be overcome with the help of a therapist who can lead you in wisdom and faith, to a place of healing. However, sometimes it needs to be fought in the spiritual places because it’s nothing more than a battle with the enemy and what the wants to say about you -vs- who God says you are. Either way, stay in the fight & don’t give in!

Believe what God says about your life. There’s an old Pentecostal chorus that repeats,

Whose report will I believe?

I will believe the report of the Lord!

His report says I am healed

His report says I am filled

His report says I am free

His report says VICTORY

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